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How to Check Your Rate of Hair Loss

Here's an easy way to monitor whether you have normal hair loss or something more serious: From now on, whenever you wash your hair, use a plughole protector in the sink or shower. This, of course, collects all the hair and prevents the plughole from clogging up But, before you bin the hair, grab it and put it into a bowl (or basin) of water. The hairs will float and separate, allowing you to count how many you just lost. Hopefully this number won't be too big If you then record this number, you can see day by day and week by week just how much hair you're losing, and whether this rate stays steady or increases. Keep in mind what you believe to be a normal hair loss level for you, and monitor it for a few months This should hopefully give you a good idea about whether or not your rate of hair loss is anything to worry about. Note: The same approach can also be used with your comb or brush collect, count, record and compare. And, if you're already using a hair loss product, this idea can also help you learn whether or not it's actually helping you.

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