Cause of Vitiligo (Leucoderma)

The exact cause of vitiligo isn’t known. Doctors and scientists have theories about what causes the disorder. It may be due to an immune system disorder. Heredity may be a factor because there’s an increased incidence of vitiligo in some families. Some people have reported a single event, such as sunburn or emotional distress, to trigger the condition. However, none of these theories has been proved a definite cause of vitiligo.

Skin is composed of three layers – the epidermis, the dermis and the subcutaneous tissue. The outermost layer of your skin in the epidermis is Melanin. This pigment determines the color of your skin, hair and eyes, is produced in the epidermis. Melanin provides the coloring of your skin and helps protect it from damage from ultraviolet light.

People of all races are born with approximately the same number of pigment cells (melanocytes). The rate at which melanin granules are formed in these cells and their concentration in the epidermis are inherited characteristics and major factors in skin color differences. When no melanin is produced, the involved patch of skin becomes white. When a white patch grows or spreads, the cause may be vitiligo.

Some Frequently Asked Questions for Causes of Vitiligo:

Excessive mental worry, presence of parasites in alimentary canal and mostly improper hygiene(taking odd food combinations regularly) too may also be considered to be one of the causes according to Ayurveda. An example of this is ‘virudh ahar sevan’ (create a list )(as fish & milk together) forms toxic substances, which gradually destroys body’s own immunity system.

While referring about Vitiligo (Leucoderma)  it generally appears due to some external accidental causes, which may be a burn, a cut or an ulcer. These external factors damage the cells beneath skin, which produce ‘melanin’ pigment. It results to diminished skin colour patches, which later converts white and prominent, forming white patches.

Exact cause of Vitiligo remains unknown. However, there are different theories suggesting autoimmune syndrome (a condition whereby the immune system of body destroys body’s own tissues & cells), impaired hepatic function as jaundice, gastric disorder, typhoid fever etc.

Hereditary is almost 20 % considered to be a causative factor. If parents have history, then there are more chances of one developing ‘Vitiligo’. Moreover, it is not a rule. At the same time, numerous cases of Vitiligo do not have a relevant family history of Vitiligo.

There is no way to predict if Vitiligo will spread. In some cases these patches remain stagnant through whole life. But in most cases these spread spontaneously and merge to each other covering most of the skin area. Alternately, in many cases only one patch enlarge spontaneously covering a larger skin area. But Ayurvedic treatment helps in vitiligo spread control.

If a doctor suspects that a person has Vitiligo, he or she usually begins by asking the person about his or her medical history. Important factors in a person's medical history are a family history of Vitiligo; a rash, sunburn, or other skin trauma at the site of Vitiligo 2 to 3 months before de-pigmentation started; stress or physical illness; and premature (before age 40) graying of the hair. In addition, the vitiligo specialist doctor will need to know whether the patient or anyone in the patient's family has had any autoimmune diseases and whether the patient is very sensitive to the sun. The doctor will then examine the patient to rule out other medical problems.

The goal of treating Vitiligo is to restore the function of the skin and to improve the patient's appearance. Therapy for Vitiligo takes longer time--it usually must be continued for 6 to 18 months. The choice of therapy depends on the number of white patches and how widespread they are and on the patient's preference for treatment.Each patient responds differently to therapy. However, our ancient Ayurvedic treatment with a modern and scientific research is proven to best in treating Vitiligo patients as it restores immunity.

Ayurveda is considered best Vitiligo (Leucoderma)  treatment among the treatments available as ayurvedic medicines for white spot treatment consists of herbs which work on body immunity system and to restore pigmentation.

Neha Dongaonkar’s Skin heal solutions concentrates its prime focus on treatment of Leucodema and Vitiligo patients through its unique herbal formulations.

Especially at Skin heal solutions each and every patient is  diagonised and treated according to the principals of  Ayurveda.

At  Dr. Neha Dongaonkar’s  Skin heal solutions, we treat the  root cause  of the diasese . The patient is basically given different types of herbal combinations, which acts on the root cause of the disease so that to act faster with no relapse (repeat) of the disease. This unique Ayurvedic theory makes the difference. While treatment, a patient’s immunity power is also developed to such extent so that his body can counteract to autoimmunity.

For Leucoderma & Vitiligo treatment Dr.Neha Dongaonkar’s  Skin heal solutions has combination of oral and applicable research based herbal medicines.

Normally after few weeks of treatment with the herbal medicines of Dr.Neha Dongaonkar’s  Skin heal solutions squeezing of white patches can be seen. In some cases squeezing/compression/shrinking starts from the periphery of a patch. Visible change in skin colour appears as the area converts darker along the periphery of patches and the darker skin area formed by medicines gradually covers all the white/pale skin area resulting in closing of a patch, which later mixes up with normal skin.

While in some cases small darker spots appear on the mid of white patches. Gradually, these darker spots spread and cover the entire area of a white patch converting the patch area into normal skin.

In some cases the patch area converts pink/pale in colour in the beginning which later mixes with normal skin colour by getting darker.

These are the three types of healing patterns found by the use of our herbal medicines. In some Vitiligo cases all the three patterns of healing took place resulting into faster recovery. Well, Positive thinking of a patient also helps to heal faster. This every patient should follow while treatment for his/her faster recovery.

Diet restrictions  –  Tamarind, Curd, Tomato, Citrus fruits & Citrus fruit items / juices as oranges, lemon even grapes are strictly restricted. Papaya should be restricted also. Oily / spicy food & non vegetarian food intake should be lowered. Milk intake to be lowered also. Medicines as Chyawanparasha are restricted as it contains Amla (a rich source of Vit. C). . Any eatable made of soda bi carb, stored sour things, pickles, tinned foods or drinks, chocolates, coffee or cocoa products should not be taken.

Clothing and Lifestyle related - Tight fittings which give marks on the skin, like elastic must be avoided which disturbs the skin blood circulation. Scratching, itching must be avoided. Any injury will give rise to new patch. Plastic and rubber wear should be avoided. Plastic Ornaments, Bindi or any Stickers on the skin should be avoided. Avoid playing or swimming in the sun between 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Diet restrictions are most important for vitiligo cure. More vitiligo diet restrictions can be found.

It is neither infectious nor contagious, it is only a cosmetic problem & it tarnishes the beauty of the human body.

The change in appearance caused by Vitiligo can affect a person's emotional and psychological well-being and may create difficulty in getting or keeping a job. People with this disorder can experience emotional stress, particularly if Vitiligo develops on visible areas of the body, such as the face, hands, arms, feet, or on the genitals.

Talking & chatting with other people who have Vitiligo may also help a person cope.

Getting tips from a Vitiligo specialist can also help.

Some yoga & meditation practices also have proven to be de-stress.

Positive thinking can help a lot.

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