Do’s and Don’ts :


For curing every skin disease, diet is very important. Specific diet for Vitiligo is normally a light protein rich diet. Pulses like mugdal are advised as they are rich in protein and light for digestion. Leafy vegetables, bit root, anjeer , badam, dalim are useful supplements in the curing process of Vitiligo.


Treatment of Vitiligo is not full filled without a pathya (Diet) . Sore fruits (ambat) like grapes, orange, tomato, lemon, tamarind , guava, mango, awala are restricted. Milk products curd, milk , cheese , paneer, butter-milk shrikhand, all milk product are to be consumed as litlle as possible for treating vitiligo.

In pulses udad dal is to be avoided. For non-vegetarian, consuming egg and fish is not advised as it slows down the recovery from vitiligo.

Virudh ahar

It’s very consciously and carefully understand that milk with fruits, milk with udad dal,  milk with fish, milk with salt causes skin diseases. Its any type of skin disease. After lunch and dinner eating ice-cream caused digestion problem. It affects or cause skin disease. Its also virudh ahar sevan .

Summary: Factors causing Vitiligo and  delaying recovery from Vitiligo are as follows:

  1. Virudhanna (milk with fish, milk with fruits)
  2. Frequantly eating junk food, fermented food, all type of rasa like sweet , salty, ridge (ambat) Chronic worm infestation (krimirog) very chronic like 2-3 to above 10 years makes gradually discoloration of skin.
  3. Chronic liver disease create improper liver functions. Disease like jaundice, cirrhosis of liver alcohol induces liver disease.
  4. Endocrine gland diseases like thyroid gynecological hormonal disturbances. At the age of menopause skin dysfunction will be happened in some causes.
  5. Lack of B12 deficiency.
  6. Patient suffering from pernicious anemia may cause Vitiligo.
  7. Person who is treated for sterility with any hormonal treatment taking for a long time may cause skin disease like vitiligo.